Hello, my name is Rodolfo Venegas, also known as Sonikgroove. I am a producer, composer, and sound designer from Colombia. I have been working in the music industry since 2000, initially in Bogota and later in Barcelona, where I have been based since 2002.

In Bogota, I worked as a sound technician at a studio and had the opportunity to create my first compositions for TV commercials and radio advertisements. After a couple of years, I moved to Barcelona and began collaborating with my partner, Jairo Cataño. Together, we founded Trébol Rojo, a music production studio where we mainly composed soundtracks for documentaries. Many of the documentaries we’ve worked on have gained significant local and international recognition, earning numerous awards. Some of these documentaries can now be streamed on the Filmin platform.

We also started a music project called Territorio Comanche, an electronic dub band influenced by Afro-Latin rhythms. We performed at importat festivals such as Fusion Festival (Lärz, Germany) and the Third Latin American Congress of Cultures (Medellín, Colombia).  Territorio Comanche’s track «Cumbia Resistencia» has been featured in the Netflix documentary series Explained and the series Entrevías.

In recent years, I’ve worked as a freelance music producer and sound designer on a diverse range of projects, including documentaries, plays, video games, corporate videos, art installations and creative projects. At the same time, I’ve been focusing on my own musical project, Sonikgroove, as both a producer and DJ. As Sonikgroove, I have performed at various venues, clubs, cultural centers and festivals across Europe and Latin America, highlighting festivals such as: Tribal Gathering (Panama), Own Spirit (Spain), Borgo Universo (Italy) and Primavera Sound in collaboration with Soho House (Spain).

As a music producer for audiovisual media, my main goal is to create and produce music that enhances the emotional impact, storytelling, and overall experience of the visual content. I believe that maintaining close and effective communication with the director or client is the key to understanding their specific requirements and expectations, which allows me to contribute valuable ideas that lead to a successful collaboration.

If you need more information or have questions about any audiovisual project, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to work together with you.