Corredors de Fons

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When they were just children, Ahmed, Mamadou and Lukman began a race to change their destiny. Alone, they traveled thousands of kilometers illegally to Barcelona, the city of their dreams. They have already turned eighteen and remain outside the child protection system. Now they are fighting against the clock to get the work permit they need to stay. Alone, in a strange place, they must prove that they can take charge of their existence as if they were adults. Their strength of resistance will be key to complete the race.


Production: Framezero
Co-production: TV3
Director: Isabel Fernández
Music: Rodolfo Venegas & Jairo Cataño (Trébol Rojo)


Best Director Award at the Aljazeera International Documentary Festival 2014.
Prix Europa 2013 (Berlín – Alemania)
Medimed Gallery 2013 (Sitges – España)

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