Sunday at Five

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The Good Friday Agreement signed in Northern Ireland ten years ago brought about the release of 400 prisoners. Two of them, one from the IRA, and the other a member of the UDA Loyalist paramilitary, offer a biopic explanation of the fundamental role of the prisoners in the peace process. Both speak of violence, suffering and forgiveness, and both evoke their community, victims, hope, dialogue and peace. Making their story complete is the input of family members, victims, mediators, prison staff members and others involved in the peace process from the prisoners’ point of view.


Production: Batabat with Tobar Productions and K2000, TVC, ETB and TG4 (Ireland)
Director: Joan Lopez Lloret
Music: Rodolfo Venegas & Jairo Cataño (Trébol Rojo)


Belfast Festival 08
Guth Gafa International film Festival 08-Ireland
South Africa film Fest 08
Docs DF-Mexico 08
Festival de Bogota 08
Docupolis Barcelona 08
Documenta Madrid 2008
Medimed 2008