Xenologia 2021.

Meeting the Other. Xenology is the study of the alien, is about exploring ways to we can relate to the Other – understood not just as a person different from oneself, the I, but also that part of ourselves that is alien to us.

Xenologia is a mosaic of performative images that bring together body, sound and light. By means of a visual atmosphere, we raise questions about how to coexist.


Conception: Hannah Bilsky, Carla Redó, Palmira Sabaté, Pol Salvatella, Arnau Sanromà and Lulu Sauch
Actors: Carla Redó, Arnau Sanromà, Lulu Sauch
Direction, Stage design, Lighting and Costumes: Palmira Sabaté and Pol Salvatella
Choreography: Carla Redó
Sound design: Rodolfo Venegas
Photography and video: Guillem Chesa
Production: Teatreneu
Outside view: Joan Alavedra and Jordi Fondevila